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The Charlie Parker Real Book.

The Billy Cobham Real Book. The All-Jazz Real Book. The Ultimate Ukulele Fake Book. The Ultimate Fake Book - 4th Edition. The Easy Seventies Fake Book. The Easy Fifties Fake Book. The Easy Fake Book. The Easy Movie Fake Book. This scale book seek to exhaust the topic of scales: Chapter 1 contains all the classic scales and a few more, to be fair while Chapter 2 addresses some of the more exotic forms that scales take.

In addition to extended techniques such as pizzicato, artificial harmonics, whole-tone scales, blues scales and scales of diminished and augmented thirds, etc. A local myth tells that the person who swims around it will blessed with eternal beauty. It swings between romanticism and the wild, with the Swedish national anthem present in almost every bar. The present swan is dedicated to my youngest son Leif, who was learning the piano part when his clever dad came up with the idea of writing his own swan.

For my piece, I decided against commemorating one of the many episodes from Jewish history associated with pain. Instead, I started to search for something emphatically Jewish and beautiful. The poem of the 11th century Spanish Jewish physician and poet Yehuda Halevi ended my search. Portraits honours six women of talent, dedication and exceptional bravery.

In the case of Veronica Guerin and Anna Politkovskaya, the ultimate price was paid in their search for truth. Despite looking brutality in the eye, and facing corrupted minds and souls,yielding was never an option. Instead they pushed on. Portraits aims to remind us of their goal and to prolong their voices.

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Two sweet and gentle pieces, a lullaby and a waltz, for serenading mothers and fathers. The great cellist Pierre Fournier liked to start every day as if it was the first. That may not apply to all facets of life, but it certainly does to cello playing. Warming up all aspects of instrumental technique enables us to draw on our full potential. Knowing that we are in command of our technique, our talent, we increase the chances of reaching the ultimate goal: These sixty pages, meant to fit a music stand, is a warm-up programme which I have developed and used over a number of years.

If I leave it one day, it is still present as a reference point to how I should have sounded on the cello while playing a piece of music. The warm-up routine gives me a head start. The chapters of this book are numbered, with the odd numbers assigned to the bow arm and the even numbers to the left hand.

The All Jazz Real Book - C Version

Before proceeding to the exercises of a chapter, read the text so that you are ready to implement any guidelines given for your practising. First of all, cellists need to breathe only because of musical reasons and not out of physical necessity. The warmth of the cello allows you to heighten the distinctively French about the piece. I would not try to imitate a flute but emphasise and use the very strength of the cello. It is just one of those things.

Most of the repertoire for two cellos is built around a rather predictable method of voicing in order to keep the parts equally interesting.

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But something happens when you add a piano-forte. Suddenly the balance is shifted and the strength of the cellos is released. The result is sometimes symphonic — and highly attractive. The 10 composers featured in the album are: Apparently,I could not resist the obvious and divide them between two. I have filled those gaps with my own pen,by composing sections in the baroque idiom hopefully undetectable by the naked ear,thus joining the list of illustrious musicians who had similar ambitions: The transcription is dedicated to my dear friend and collegue,the distinguished teacher and pedagogue Valter Despalj.

My arrangement for cello and orchestra is one such contemporary reading — and it fits the cello like a glove! As so often with Bach, if whim or circumstance had demanded, he would have transformed this radiant concerto for whatever medium was needed or favoured at the time: How can I forget How can I forget you now How can you love somebody else How can you say you love me?

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How could Red Riding Hood? How deep is the ocean How do you do How does that grab you, darlin'? How great Thou art How important can it be? How it lies, how it lies, how it lies! How long is forever? How lovely are Thy dwellings How lucky you are How many hearts have you broken How soon?

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Hurrah for the Christmas Ship! Ich Liebe Dich Icycles Ida! Is She My Girl-Friend? Israeli Dance Istanbul Not Constantinople. It's Beginning to Look Like Christmas. It's Winter Again It's Wonderful. It's a Sin to Tell a Lie. It's a Small World After All. Johnny Zero Johnny Zero. Johnson Brown and Mr.