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The Death Catchers is a great read, for both young adults and old adults alike. Lizzy's spunky best friend Jodi and her witty and eccentric grandmother Bizzy add the perfect amount of humor to the book. I loved the encounters between Lizzy and Drake, the dreamy water polo captain, as she learns more about him in order to save his life.

The author keeps you captivated until the very end and will make you long to read more about the adventures of Lizzy, Jodi, and Bizzy! A unique take on the Arthurian legend, The Death Catchers moves along at a brisk pace. A coming of age story about Lizzy,a high school freshman and descendant of Morgan le Fey, it weaves a story every young teen can relate to. With its mysterious village, modern U. I can't wait to read the next Lizzy adventure!

It also subtlely teaches writing techniques! One person found this helpful. Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. I chose 5 stars great book. They should make a second book! I hooe thwy make a second book This book was amazing, however I'm very disappointed in the ending. Is that all we vet to here of what becomes with dizzy?

Got it for summer reading and loved it. I would read it again, but reading three other books: Great story line, I liked it. If you like reading books about sorcery and mystery, this is a great book for you. See all 27 reviews. Most recent customer reviews. Published 1 year ago. Published on July 26, Published on June 4, Published on October 19, Published on January 17, Published on July 2, What other items do customers buy after viewing this item? There's a problem loading this menu right now. Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime. Your recently viewed items and featured recommendations.

One day, Elizabeth Mortimer is reading a newspaper when the letters change to from a new headline saying Lizzy's best friend, Jodi, just died. Lizzy is even more confused when her grandmother, Bizzy, insists that Lizzy tell no one. When Lizzy goes to check on Jodi, Jodi is nearly hit by a car, but she is saved by Bizzy, who pushes Jodi out of the way. When Bizzy and Lizzy are alone, Bizzy explains that they are part of an ancient bloodline, descended from Morgan Le Fay herself!

Together they must stop the death of the Last Descendant against overwhelming odds, including Morgan's sister, Vivienne. Can an old woman and a young teenage girl save the day? With the help of her grandmother, Bizzy--from whom she inherited her powers--Lizzy is able to prevent her best friend's fate. But soon af Good premise.

The Death Catchers, by Jennifer Anne Kogler

But soon after, she's smacked in the face with another premonition, and another potential death, that won't be so easily averted Sounds like an interesting book, right? I thought so, at least, when I picked it off the library shelves. But the writing itself was lackluster at best and insulting at worst.

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The book tries to sell itself as a thriller and a mystery, but there is nothing thrilling or mysterious about it. For a good half of the book, it seems, nothing happens. The book's main premise, the Death Specters? There are a grand total of two of them. And one, Jodi's, is over in a matter of pages. The second Death Specter belongs to a popular boy at school named Drake, and it absorbs most of the plot and Lizzy's thoughts. The Mystery would've been interesting if the story wasn't so miserably redundant. That's the book's main sin: No book, even one aimed to elementary kids or to middlegrade, should spell every tiny bit out to the reader.

She rarely, if ever, takes initiative to do anything productive on her own or make her own discoveries - she is always following orders from either Bizzy, Jodi, or her visions. Other than noticing the Hot Wheels magazine, it seems like the information is almost always just straight up told to her. Other things bother me about this book. The characters are so busy being So Unique that they don't actually feel like, well, people.

The dialogue, by extension, felt quirky and stilted at times. The plot, especially at the end, made little sense - Vivvienne can't kill Drake directly, because affecting fate is Against the Rules, but she can threaten to push Bizzy off a cliff?


Banshees show up any time a fated death is averted, so why didn't Lizzy or Bizzy bring a mirror to banish the banshee? Why did Vivvienne, immortal and wise woman of Fate, not know that the women she was trying to kill had a method to get rid of banshees? The text sometimes went out of its way to be Super Dramatic about Revelations that were relatively small, or not new revelations at all, and every time the text went: Because literally, it happens a lot , even when "much worse" means " After the book's heavy emphasis of "no one must know this secret", writing the story in letter-format makes Lizzy seem either colossally stupid or woefully out of character.

Using the format as a teaching skill to inject literary terms into the story did nothing for the plot, either. The terms were either misapplied 'Revision' had nothing to do with revising, 'Personification' is supposed to be giving an inanimate object human traits, not Even the ones used correctly could've been used better--Suspension of Disbelief, in my humble opinion, should've been during the first third of the book, when Lizzy was whinging about death and fate and disbelief The introductions to each chapter feel like they're there to fill up space and nothing else.

Other reviews I've read argue this is a good teaching device, but it's not - but what would've been a good teaching device: Without spelling it out for them. Teaching by example simply won't work if the example isn't actually a friggin' example. In short, I'm glad this book is over, because it was a slog to read through. I don't recommend this, and please don't make your kids or students read it either--there are better "Chosen by Destiny" books out there. Oct 14, Lucy King rated it it was amazing Shelves: Absolutely amazing middle grade fantasy. The first scene reminded me of the School for Good and Evil: D cemetery, Agatha, it gave me some really positive feelings because of that and yes, it was really amazing, nothing to do with that retelling but a retelling on its own of King Arthur, Avalon, Lady of the Lake, in a modern world where a 14 years old Lizzy can see that someone is about to die and she can stop it, all that connected to a profecy of old times of King Arhur It was fun Absolutely amazing middle grade fantasy.

D I would like to meet this lady and the ladies of lake, wow, it gave to a modern world seen by the eyes of a teenage girl a spooky, fantasy atmosphere. Feb 11, Emily Craven rated it really liked it Shelves: While the book does follow your standard protagonist-discovers-special-ability-must-use-to-save-village formula, it was delightfully fun. Clearly an English teacher or english major wrote it, for it follows the conceit of being an assignment of English in which the cornerstones of literacy are broken down and used to from each chapter tension, alliteration etc etc.

It was a bit of fun actually, and probably a great instruction manual for beginner writers and teens. My favourite part about th While the book does follow your standard protagonist-discovers-special-ability-must-use-to-save-village formula, it was delightfully fun. My favourite part about the book was it's ability to modernise, and rewrite the assumptions we have about the King Arthur story in a really unique way. Plus, the grandmother is by far and away my favourite character I've found in a YA novel for a while, an absolute crack up.

While the chosen geography may annoy the hell out of the sticklers for detail, I found this book to be a very worthwhile, left of field YA fantasy. Despite that I am now an adult I guess I still really enjoy young adult novels.

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However this one didn't really stand out to me. The idea was original and fun but it was also predictable and anti-climatic. I just always felt like I knew what was coming. I did like the characters. They were exciting and fun. Lizzy's mum was my favourite and de Despite that I am now an adult I guess I still really enjoy young adult novels.

Lizzy's mum was my favourite and deserved way more attention then she got. I enjoyed Bizzy, the grandma, as well. A fun, easy read perfect for summer. Aug 15, Annie rated it really liked it Shelves: There wasn't anything particularly memorable about it. I got a good sense of the small-town feeling the author was trying to convey. Other than that, the setting doesn't play a huge role in the story, and it's a bit generic. Lizzy was likable enough.

The Death Catchers

Maybe a bit on the generic side, again, but I still cheered for her. She had the typical unnoticed-girl- First Look: She had the typical unnoticed-girl-from-the-sidelines thing going on, but she was written in an honest and real way. Bizzy annoyed me more than anything else.

I understand that she was supposed to be eccentric, but she came off as too eccentric to seem realistic. I couldn't take her seriously. I didn't really understand any of her motivations. Drake was an interesting love interest.


Again, a little on the generic side, this time with the Troy Bolton-style popular-athletic-guy-with-secret-artsy-passion thing. Still, I liked him, and I could see why Lizzy was attracted to him. More of a 3.

It was interesting, but it just didn't grab me like I wanted it to. Lizzy didn't actually do much in terms of being a Death Catcher--she only used the ability twice, as far as I can tell. Also, Arthurian legend didn't play into it as much as I had hoped. It was definitely there, but only one aspect of it. Then again, I was kind of hoping that Bradley James-style Arthur would come waltzing in, which he did not. I had no logical reason to expect that, but it might've been fun. The part about the Death Catchers was unique, but the romance aspect was very generic and followed a much-overused storyline.

This whole book was written as a letter from Lizzy to her teacher. This worked sometimes, but not others. Each chapter began with an explanation of a literary term, like metaphor, trope, etc. They were supposed to fit with the chapter, but many times the connection felt like a stretch. Also, most of the readers of this book have enough education to know what these words mean. It felt a bit condescending, actually.

Here's a line that made no sense: All I end up doing is slamming my upper arm into a place a girl would rather not be hit. The Arthurian aspect was interesting, but I just wish we could've seen more of it. How are there 17th century gravestones in northern California?

The Death Catchers

Also, how are there gravestones with Arthurian legend names on them, and nobody notices? How is Lizzy in high school and has never heard of any of these legends before? It had some decent points: The plot didn't compel me like I hoped it would. It's a modern-world story with classic mythology like the Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel series, connects modern teens with old legends like Endymion Spring and Dreaming Anastasia , and is a bit reminiscent in tone and humor of the Children of the Red King series.

Oct 18, Avalovesbooks rated it it was amazing. I loved this book! It was assigned in my language arts class because of all the literary terms, and I'm so glad it was. The setting, Crabapple, California, was friendly and quirky, with just the right amount of creepy. It was a perfect place for Lizzy Mortimer, who has the power to predict, and prevent, the deaths of people she cares about. I was captivated by the Hands of Fate in the beginning, but I had so much fun with the Arthurian twist. Overall, I thought this book was interesting, mysteri I loved this book!

Overall, I thought this book was interesting, mysterious, and outright brilliant. Oct 14, Lucas rated it it was amazing Shelves: I was hooked from the first page and I couldn't wait to see how Fate would play out. Lizzy and Bizzy are two perfect characters destined to help save mankind from Doomsday, as well as give us some pearls of wisdom along the way.

I also loved the titles of each chapter and how they would foreshadow what was to come. This was a great read and I'd recommend it to anyone looking for a little escape from the troubles they think are around them. Took we a little while to get into the book but once it hooked me, I'd couldn't put it down. A modern novel about King Arthur's Legacy. Jul 07, Lorinda rated it really liked it. Now I seriously want a prequel with Buzzy stories. Quick fantasy, underrated for sure, it was fantastic. Feb 19, Cherrylea rated it it was amazing.

Jennifer Anne Kogler is a really great author - her books have life! I've read a few books of hers, now, and I think I'm officially her fan now. This book is what convinced me, I think - more so than her Otherworldlies book. A quick summary of the book itself: Later, her grandmother explains to her to truth - she is descended from Morgan le Faye, one of the sisters Jennifer Anne Kogler is a really great author - her books have life! Later, her grandmother explains to her to truth - she is descended from Morgan le Faye, one of the sisters of Avalon.

As Lizzie learns about her powers of seeing death-specters, an even greater destiny awaits her. Vivienne le Mort, another sister, wants to mess with fate, and only Lizzie can stop her. But can Lizzie manage to perfect her powers and save the people she cares about, not to mention the whole world? I mentioned before that this book had life — it was as if Lizzie was next to me telling her story. That could just be my preference, of course. Lizzie would then explain her thoughts about it, and the technique would somehow connect to the story at the time.

It was so creative and different — I just loved it! The cast of characters was overall a good selection. The group was a jolly crew and all helped build the story. The important ones were well fleshed out — I know Lizzie, Bizzy and Drake so well now! Normally, with the way the story worked, it would probably have more to do with Drake and his story. I do expect another book on how all of that turns out, of course! And on the topic of Drake, I was a bit disappointed in his character. He was a great person, but so typical for the lead male — handsome, good at sports, kind, compassionate, secret soft side painting , etc.

He needed a more exciting side — dangerous or funny or something more than a regular good guy. However, I did think that there were a few loose threads regarding the less important characters. They might not have been important to the story, but they were important to Lizzie, and I missed out on information on them.