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Paperback , First , 96 pages. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about The Man in Black , please sign up. Lists with This Book. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. This is an interesting ghost story with a twist. I found it completely by accident while on Amazon and decided to take a chance.

I'm glad I did. It's not at all what I was expecting. While the main character Anne has a couple of TSTL moments, they didn't really take away from the story as a whole. Highly recommended if you're looking for a quick horror short. A very entertaining read. Full review can be found at -. Mar 07, Jeanine rated it really liked it Shelves: Good spooky ghost story. The first thing I have to say about this book is that I was very surprised by it's content!

What I expected to read was just another ghost story but it was more, much, much more! Read on and you'll find out! Let start with the aesthetics of the books itself. I like the fonts the author used very much. I don't know why but I just do. It's a good pick and I feel it should be complimented because it's the first thing I noticed that was to my approval.

The book-cover is also very noticeable a The first thing I have to say about this book is that I was very surprised by it's content! The book-cover is also very noticeable and quite spooky which is to be expected for a story of such genre.

The story itself begins in a gloomy place called Stoney Grange and the main character lives in a very impoverished home in what is fitly called the Rotten Row. We get a very good feel of the gray-scale place because the author writes in a descriptive even-paced manner but he doesn't go overboard and bore you to death with details. It's like you're getting enough information to almost see the grim place vividly before your eyes and also get a good sense and feel of the main character's personality.

An individual who lived a rather privileged life prior to the death of her father and the abandonment by her mother. What came to me as a surprise was the sex of the character. I haven't read the description of the content prior to reading the story so at first I didn't know if the main character was male or female.

In fact I thought it male because in the first description of the character you get a sense of someone who is quite rough, stubborn and resolved. Someone who lived a privileged life but still has enough character not to become a charity case. Someone who works in a butchery which is why I ultimately deemed the character male because even though there are plenty of girls working in butcheries all over the world, there aren't many you get to read about in books. I suppose in the first few pages the portrayal of the girl Anne is such that she doesn't really display any femininity.

It could be perhaps as a result of her disappointment with her mother and her desire to be much more like her beloved father. Later on we also get to see more vulnerable, gentle and humorous side of Anne which only makes you more aware of the strength of her character and her resolve. The fact that the story takes place in the year makes you really get a sense of what people were like back then.

It's like a glimpse in time. I especially like the way the author uses local dialects because it only makes the tale feel more authentic.

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The haunting part of the story is also very well written. The pace of the writing doesn't change a bit but when the ghost starts to appear you can feel the goose pimples rising and the hair on your neck stand up, especially if you're reading it late at night with your lights turned off and only the light of your laptop staring back at you. The ghost itself is not what you expect and I don't want to write spoilers here but I was surprised by the sudden, unexpected twist the author added to the mystery which is what in the end made the story so unique and original.

All in all five stars from me. I loved the read! I was sent this by the author as a ARC advance copy to review honestly! This is one creepy book. I live in England in a similar place so to think a street like mine would be haunted is terrifying. I can say that the language is beautiful and the writing is really, really good. I am an aspiring author myself but could never write so well! Though it is short I'd like to see what Jordan Mason could do with something a little bit longer. I would have rated this 4 stars for the length, but the twist I was sent this by the author as a ARC advance copy to review honestly!

I would have rated this 4 stars for the length, but the twist in the end just made me love the writing even more. I think it is used supposedly by emergency workers responding to an accident scene. Greg is the night shift traffic guy on a DC-Richmond radio station. He lives alone in a small studio apartment, and has for years. He is almost invisible.

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Reilly doing his star turn as Mr. But one night, a trucker calls him, says his radio is on the fritz and is there anything up ahead? Greg, not paying attention much to his screens, tells him no, hangs up, then turns to his monitors and sees a car stopped in the right hand lane, apparently broken down. And here comes the truck, barreling down and BLAM! And when he goes to see the scene, the ghost of the driver appears to him. Most helpful customer reviews on Amazon.

The Haunting in Connecticut (2009) - Official Trailer

This was a short story, but one full of twists and turns that kept me reading. It was very different about a man who worked nights reporting traffic issues over the radio. Greg starts out as a shut in who only really leaves his house to go to work. During the day he is sleeping and trying to deal with his horrible anxiety. The book really takes off when he fails to report an accident to someone who calls and asks if the roads are clear. Greg forgets that there is a stalled car on the highway, and the semi slams into it, killing the driver.

The driver comes back to haunt Greg, stating he has 7 days to solve his unfinished business or he will die. At first I thought about the movie, The Ring, and how it is a somewhat similar premise. But it is mentioned in the book! Sylvia, his therapist compares his issue to the movie. There are several twists that caught me off guard.

The Ghost and Mr. Traffic

There are some spoilers, so don't read ahead if you don't want to know Sylvia's real job was unexpected. The fact that she turns out to be a massage therapist instead really made the story come full circle. I was shocked to learn his "role" in the story since he started out to be likable.

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I guess that's how most psychopaths are described though. I like the way this story ended. I'm glad that Greg got over his anxiety, came out of his shell, and his life got much better. Him and Sylvia staying together is great, and though most of the book is dark and spooky, at least it ended with him making good of his life and helping stop child prostitution. Great book - I recommend it. Mark Lee's Review My emotions concerning this book are all over the board.

There were times it read like a 5 star book that you just can't put down while other parts didn't hold my attention as well, sort of like a 3 star book would do. Overall, I enjoyed it, so the 4 star rating seems appropriate.

DRT by Eric Thomas

Some parts of the book could have used a little more polish, while other parts were pure awesomeness. There would be a scene that captured my imagination, the details vivid, but followed by a page or two of conversation or internal monologue that just didn't do it for me. However, to the author's credit, he always brought me back, each chapter just about ending on a cliffhanger and usually a good one that made me say "oh wow" out loud.

In addition to some of the conversations not capturing my attention, I didn't particularly like the format used.