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In keeping with the status of the country it will be desirable to rename this ship while she is being used by the Burma Navy. I propose to rename her after the River Mayu in Arakan with which the officers and their courage, determination and resolute during these operations have won for them a well-deserved praise and I as a Burman take pride in their achievements.

I wish to thank, on behalf of my government, Lt. Commander Mitchell, his officers,25 May Colledge, J. In the 17th century, this term was used for any warship built for speed and maneuverability and these could be warships carrying their principal batteries of carriage-mounted guns on a single deck or on two decks. The term was used for ships too small to stand in the line of battle. In the late 19th century, the frigate was a type of ironclad warship that for a time was the most powerful type of vessel afloat.

The term frigate was used because such ships still mounted their principal armaments on a continuous upper deck. Ship classes dubbed frigates have more closely resembled corvettes, destroyers, cruisers. The rank frigate captain derives from the name of type of ship.

Gimme a Break! S5E03 Ship of Fools 2

The term frigate originated in the Mediterranean in the late 15th century, referring to a lighter galleass type ship with oars, sails and a light armament, built for speed and maneuverability. In , during the Eighty Years War, Habsburg Spain recovered the Southern Netherlands from the rebellious Dutch and this soon led to the occupied ports being used as bases for privateers, the Dunkirkers, to attack the shipping of the Dutch and their allies. To achieve this they developed small, maneuverable, sailing vessels that came to be referred to as frigates, in French, the term frigate became a verb, meaning to build long and low, and an adjective, adding further confusion.

Even the huge English Sovereign of the Seas could be described as a frigate by a contemporary after her upper decks were reduced in The navy of the Dutch Republic was the first navy to build the larger ocean-going frigates, the first two tasks required speed, shallowness of draft for the shallow waters around the Netherlands, and the ability to carry sufficient supplies to maintain a blockade. The third task required heavy armament, sufficient to fight against the Spanish fleet, the first of these larger battle-capable frigates were built around at Hoorn in Holland.

The effectiveness of the Dutch frigates became most visible in the Battle of the Downs in , encouraging most other navies, especially the English, to adopt similar designs. The fleets built by the Commonwealth of England in the s generally consisted of ships described as frigates, the largest of which were two-decker great frigates of the third rate. Carrying 60 guns, these vessels were as big and capable as great ships of the time, however, most other frigates at the time were used as cruisers, independent fast ships.

The term frigate implied a long hull design, which relates directly to speed and also, in turn, in Danish, the word fregat is often applied to warships carrying as few as 16 guns, such as HMS Falcon which the British classified as a sloop. Bharat Electronics Limited — Bharat Electronics Limited is an Indian state-owned aerospace and defence company with about nine factories, and few regional offices in India. With help of ToT.

The company has been recognised for its export performance since by the Export Promotion Councils. In , BEL began manufacturing transmitting tubes, silicon devices, the PCB manufacturing facility was established in Under the governments policy of decentralisation and due to strategic reasons, the second unit of BEL was set up at Ghaziabad in to manufacture radars and Tropo communication equipment for the Indian Air Force.

The third unit was established at Pune in to manufacture image converter, in , the first overseas office of BEL was set up in New York for the procurement of components and materials. In , a facility for magnesium manganese dioxide batteries was set up at Pune. The Decca Company, a British gramophone manufacturer that, as Decca Records, released records under the Decca label and this military engineering activity resulted in a number of commercial ventures after the war, in particular the Decca Navigator System, and the Decca Radar company. Decca Radar launched its first marine radar, the , in August , the company produced the first true motion radar, the first anti-collision radar and the first Type Approved colour radar.

China, as the third largest ship builder in the world, in Racal Decca, as the company was known then, launched a number of social and sports clubs. Early Racal-Decca radars had dropped the Decca name, but it was later restored, at this time the business was run from New Malden in Surrey. Plath, the Decca name, engineering, and design continued to be used on the BridgeMaster II and, in , the BridgeMaster E series of radars was launched. Communications satellite — Communications satellites are used for television, telephone, radio, internet, and military applications.

These waves require line-of-sight, and are thus obstructed by the curvature of the Earth, the purpose of communications satellites is to relay the signal around the curve of the Earth allowing communication between widely separated points. Communications satellites use a range of radio and microwave frequencies. To avoid signal interference, international organizations have regulations for which frequency ranges or bands certain organizations are allowed to use and this allocation of bands minimizes the risk of signal interference.

The concept of the communications satellite was first proposed by Arthur C. The article described the fundamentals behind the deployment of artificial satellites in geostationary orbits for the purpose of relaying radio signals, thus, Arthur C. Clarke is often quoted as being the inventor of the communications satellite and the term Clarke Belt employed as a description of the orbit. Its objective was to develop a secure and reliable method of communication by using the Moon as a passive reflector.

The first artificial Earth satellite was Sputnik 1, put into orbit by the Soviet Union on October 4,, it was equipped with an on-board radio-transmitter that worked on two frequencies, Sputnik 1 was launched as a step in the exploration of space, while incredibly important it was not placed in orbit for the purpose of sending data from one point on earth to another. And it was the first artificial satellite in the leading to todays satellite communications. The first artificial satellite used solely to further advances in communications was a balloon named Echo 1.

Echo 1 was the worlds first artificial communications satellite capable of relaying signals to other points on Earth and it soared 1, kilometres above the planet after its Aug. The worlds first inflatable satellite — or satelloon, as they were informally known — helped lay the foundation of todays satellite communications, the idea behind a communications satellite is simple, Send data up into space and beam it back down to another spot on the globe. Echo 1 accomplished this by serving as an enormous mirror,10 stories tall.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Myanmar Naval Dockyard Operators: Myanmar Navy Preceded by: Retrieved from " https: The Ospery and Swift-class boats have a range of 4, and 1, miles respectively and were armed with Oerlikon 20 mm cannons and 40 mm Bofors anti-aircraft guns 2. The term frigate implied a long hull design, which relates directly to speed and also, in turn, in Danish, the word fregat is often applied to warships carrying as few as 16 guns, such as HMS Falcon which the British classified as a sloop 4. In , a facility for magnesium manganese dioxide batteries was set up at Pune 5.

The "Forbin", an Horizon-class frigate of the French Navy. Light frigate, circa — Zimmermann telegram , as decoded by Room 40 in Fur further particulars appiy oa Boaru, at nae street wbarr. All necessary information furnished resneeting the best method of erecting tea norsrs. OIL Wlaaar and Fall "sera. Oil, ka aaa srti I casks, sorsale ia Iota Is salt, by W.

VE-W auartsr JL casas m vsy suissinw para naice rort ava. Pepper, ffusa Osraio, warraip aOaosaa ctaaa Heeaa. The House aad 13 acres e A land, situate la Yorktowa. Wealehester conaty, five lies from the landing al Peeksldll, ia offered for sabs, a Bar gzia, by tbe mrarT. The Honse is of the cottajsetyle, ia coataiaa three parlor or sitting rooms, dining ronavajghl bed rooms, kitchen, cellar, anatrie. The tarm toasiaisof MStMds,aa orchard, beaatifet lawn. The froausds are laid asuiamavrreutastaaslfaasraVn. Several haa-dred choice frart trees have beea ntajited within two years, and are ta a thririag condilioa.

There are a poa the premise a wood honse, wash honse. A never failing stream of spring water eoesusders throngh three of law field, and locals a fishing pond ia the rear of the bouse. It ia just fifty miles from the city, aad is a de sirable place for a summer reside ace, having neen sues np at great expense.

The advantage of commuaicauoB with the city are greater tnan irocnaay ot u - v. Kent low to private families ; XisL houses are c. Shrubs, Plants, fcc, may be abiaiaed at 23 Pine street, nr by direct applicaiioa per mail. Tbe great auperioritv of this collection will ha readily per-hv an examination of the catalogues, or by visiting the eatabllsnment, as it comprnar sum, Fniiu,and lJno varieties ot tjrnaroeniai iree,onruii ana Ro-es, not in any other Nursery, and the prices are reduced nnch below whaiare uauailv charged.

Orders seat by mail or left al! Pine street, will be executed with despatch and la a supenor manner. Chemistry, fcc are iacluded ia the gea- eral course of studies, without any extmcbarge.

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Thesituauoa and extent ot the play grounoa give io uxe InstituUon the advantages both of the city and country. Adeduclioaof S per eettt whea there will be two or more brothers. Blue, Black and fancy Cassimeras 10 do M'txt Tweeds. Received per Lite Arrivals. Lace checks and stripes, fcc. They are constantly making additions to this portion of meir stock I rum tne ceietiraiea manuiactory ot u ft. These goods, at the last fair of the American Institute, received the Gold Mkdxl, and have invariably obtained the premium over all others uf the class when placed In competition. Now offer for salefln general a assortment ot foreiga and Homes uc irry goons, coa sislingof Duthl and fancy end blkuu, Roae aad Whitney blkts, Bl'k aad blue flushings and pilots.

Plain and tig'd beavers. Broad cloths, vestings and tssimeres. Bed and bed-paddings and dniggelts.

  1. The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 1.
  2. by Shimmy, D R.
  3. Metal Monsters of Doom (The Black Wolf Book 1).
  4. Die Glückshaube (German Edition).

Worsted serges, gala plaids and damask cloaking, Black and col'd Orleans cloth, Clunk linings, worsted plaids and panmlttas, Bl'k and tabby Velvet. M'k aad col'd velveteen, Cadet and blue mixed Kentucky jeaaa. Fancy cotton kdk'fs aad Tartan shawls, Col'd cambrics aad roll silesia. Cashmere de lainea and twilled d'acosse. Linen cambric hdk'fs, striped cambrics. Book muslins and bishop lawns, Cotton and linen spool thread.

Cozzen's celebrated style of prints, A good assortment of Irish linens, fcc, fcc. The aaperior quality of these goods is too well known to require puffing. It is sufficient to statethatthey have in every in stance, whea placed in camnetition lor a nreminm. Cevnrnv Dkalkbs will Bad thatr interests ia calling as above, where they rely upooobtaiainsr a first class article at the asset rea ahleprares.

Bran W9 dies, fcc. Sauterne and Claret Wine. Barsae, St Julian aad Chateau. Swedish Bar Iroa, flat and square. English, do round, flat and square. American, do do do Russian, do best P. Scroll aad Han Iron. Oval aad Half roand Iroa. Burden's Boat and Ship Spikes, Axle ripriag ana rtnrtng werl, trarraated. Cast steel of Naylor's aad Sanderson's manufacture.

Also oae of Day's patent aaaxhiaa lor the limn parpo-a. The uadersigaid will rive a legal title lo the use of tasaadyoar's aaachia. The right aad IMla froaa tha a safer mac 4. Ooa of Day' pateat aiarbiaea. It wiH he important lo any person ia the ba-aiaess a a saving of more thaa 25 per oral ia esWted, ssrer the rode Imperfect affaar pamaied by Cood-eau-. The right hi aae the coaapoand aad treating priLe of India Raal-er claimed b tkmdyear, lor sale also, ardrr the Ilka drenm-taacea.

Also tha aaw cnauunsilaaa nf R abbes', invented by the Bndiiraigni d. One artworsghw haaaths, lug nhss smb. Ca, S Ms idea Lass. P Vests aad Drawer. Boots aad Neck Ties Lambs wool. The above are const iorably beiuw the asual saarket prices.

A Brief History of the Dust Jacket

Kton, from 10 to HOD feet in length. Plain, Slide and Swivel Sinkers. Single aad Double Swivels. Bass, Pickerel, Salmon and Black Bass. Shrimp, Coasting aad I -aiding Net. Eel Spears, Fishing Stools, fcc. ReeKRods, Fl ie, Lines, Hook, nnd every article ia tha line made to nqier or repaired at tne shortest nonce. Camellon silks and mode plain bareges Pekta. Karury cravats Arc-en-ciel cravats and silks Sun shades and parasols Bags and purses Algerienne and chevaliers Rich, camelion mantillas Do do cardinals Do do scarfs Watered bareges, entirely new, nrst tmiiortation Rich printed balxorines, new designs One ease of Duchesse T Orleans bareges, superior texture.

Laine do Printed barege do Plaid and striped do do do scarfs Rainbow silk shawls do do scarfs do do cravats Pink, bine, straw, black, lilac Borgbese seoiree scarfs Two cases of superior long shawls, the richest patterns that have been imported, of every color. Also two eases of very fine square shawls, of rich colors ana new styles. Paris emb'd collars marie I Hemstitched L C cambric hdkfs Tape borders hdkfs Psris emb'd canes do do guimpes, picot do do do rachel do do sleeves do do eanezoas Children' hdkfs Riviere stitched hdkfk Hemstitched lawn hdkfk Linen cambric snd lawn Riviere, music, collars and eoffa, for monmlng A Is music hdkfs Three Caaea f Kid lilavee or a new, surxsiok ann cxclpsivx baki.

One case of dark I Demi long white do do black 1 Quarter long white do do white One case light kid Two cases of gcntlemens' single and double stitched Gloves, nf assorted colors, which, with a large stock of other goods, are ofTered for sale on the most reasonable terms, either wholesale or retail, by atiglt JAMES BECK fc CO, Broadway.

Purchasing his stock of Goods personally in Europe every season. The advimiser offers great inducements in the matter of prices snd great variety of stock fcc The subscriber would respectfully call the attention ot country dealers to his variety of the above articles to be had at his establ ishment which he offers at moderate prices and on accommodating term among which are FANCY ARTICLES. Aceorrleons, Percussion Caps, Hooks and Eye. Wax, wood and kid Dolls, Harmonicas, Drams, Kalel-doacopes. Bows and Arrows, Harmonica Trumpets, tin and bran.

Marbles, Allies, and aa endless variety of wood ami tin Toys of all descriptions. Oval, round and square Tobacco Boxes, brass and Ger man silver do, wood do, fise nnd common painted Segar cases, painted and plain SniifTBoxes. Guerlain's aad Fer-res' Cream lor shaving, fancy Soap, Low's do.

Balm of Co lumbia. Rockets, Bengolas, Wheels, Signs! Lights, Crackers, Torpedoes, Serpent, aad a fall assortment of fancy pieces fbr exhibitions of the best material aad manufacture. Broadway, near Grand street is situated ia the must eligible part of Broadway as a business location, and the whole building ha beea fitted ap at a very great expense, ia the moat magnificent style, with every convenience for the disposal of staple aad fancy goods, aad the coasters and glass cases will be let seperalely as retail stores, for the disposal of the lollowlag goods, vis: Silk and Worsted materials.

Millinery, Ladies' Head and other Oraaroeal. Umbrellas and Parasols, Perfumery, Brushes, Iasdies and Gentlemen's Furnishing Stare, Hsls sad Caps, Ladies' Sane Store, Paper Hanging aad Cornices, Boy's Clothing, Spectacles Store, Toy Store, Ribbon Store, Ready-made Linen Store, Thread aad Needle Store, Pictures and Rich goui of every descrlpaoa, and Is- the accommodation of Fashionable Milliners snd Dress Mskers, Miniature nnd Portrait Painters, and the third story has been fitted up at grentexpease aa a Gallery fnr Painting and Sculpture, with a a4endid dome, and is presumed lo be eqnsl to sny la this city ; and ia point of situation aad convenience far superior, and will be let at a modern le rent; aad In order that the Baraar should become a fashionable resort and a very great convenience, and worthy of their patronage, ao counters wit.

The proprietor intends, if possible, thai each store shall contain a different kind of good, and the artirkss exhibited will be frequently published ia ihe journal of tbe day. Also aeonalef ia tbe back part ef tbe Bazaar, which will be let tor the sale ef Ice Creass aad Confectionary.

The eslahiishaieat Is lighted aad healed, and kept cleiia by tbe prnrsrwlor, sad a fmntlersma will be in attendance to avail npoa caauisasrs la the differs! For farther BarUcaiars apply to the proprietor, - - - J. A great many of Ihe rcaanter have already beea takea for the sale of sum of the choicest goods. Therefore, persons that want situations ia the Bazaar had better apply immediately. Also to let a room f ran Artist ia the thild etory.

Seigneila brandy of very snperior quality, ia half pip, qz. Duaay's brand, ia half pipes ; aad Otard, Impay fc Co'a brandy of e he tee quality aad of diderent vintages ; Holland gia. IM hhds trietly prime st CruufSugar, salted lor son th si' era srade ar etry retail. S3 da laessaBl - lay CbssM Daatask Skasvts, Ellsler, Jmyitoi, aad ether fancy styles very fine fancy dress Silk Shawrs Gimps, foncy coaors,blseksad begle Bullios to 1 inch; col'd hik loop aad drab fancy Fringes, a full assortment do Gala Plaids Linen Threads, n great variety.

Having purchased bis goods for cash, he caa otter them at low prices. Among his stock may be found the following articles, viz: Cartons French Cashmere Long Shawls, new design S 4 ntl'd centre Brocbe Shawls, ail wool " drab aad col'd centre da do fig'd satin Lnxer do - ' 10 4 Torkeni Cashmere do a aew srtirle " 8 4 and plain aad embroidered blk Thibet Do heavy fringes.

Aung Zeya-class frigate - WikiVisually

A large assortment of colored and black Silk Velvet, fce-fcc N. Inserting and Chintitty Veils, a beautiful assortment of all kinds, quality and widths. Checks, Stripes, Satin Checks, spotted Dart, fce. Metnlie spools, , snd 50 yards White fc Colored. Nog 1 a 8 20 do 45 to 40 a 42 20 do 50 do 90 do 20 do 10 do 50 do 10 do 50 do 10 do 10 do 10 do 40 25 a 27 20 a 40 24 Twilled Hemp Carpets a Negro Blankets.

D fc B Hooks sad Eyes; huge aad small boxes do, plated aad black wire. Percussion Car, plain ribbed, and split nnd ribbed. Gam Elastic Suspenders of all qualities, garters, Ice. Spectacles, Ere and Opera Glasses, gilt aad steel Beads. Dressing cases, fkaey and long Silk Pnrae. Boqnet ho4Hen, silk sad grnn Guards. Cadet ailxt fcc 10 do fine fig'd Mack aad printed striped do 5 do - black and eoansnoa mixt Caasimrrta do medium wool black Cloths 15 do good 3 4 undressed fulled Cloths 20 do low and meriinm Kentucky Jeans 26 bales heavy Olrve Fustians 20 do laMsdaleCa.

Ship of Fools: Book 1 of Indiabel and the Well of Stars: Volume 1

Asoong tbe good sow oa land aiay be found the 6 blowing, via: Ycsttasr- - kip pegged " " "'? Please Call aad axaauae for yourselves, st B Tbe ahove Uajskets are ail from the well Isusi aasanfactura of F. We JLd have mst received frasa ear ssasm factory a aew sap-ay ol Large Pii i his i. They ar vary aisful ia wares va-satha. Those in want of a good Store are invited a examine this be fors pure basing elsewhere. Air-Tight Stoves, for wsrtmsat Par h anx, halt, bedrooms, baffssuents, churches, stores sad work shiips.

They are highly reeomaneaded by physicians. Persons in want of stoves can get tbe genuine Ah- light Stove, with the patentee's aame aad dale of the patent stamped ka bra oa each stol e, none others are geaaise, made ia a variety of fcirras, with cast bases nd looa.

The Patentee aanoonees lo tbe public thai the da venieaee and capabillti of his Kitchea Range have been isacraased bv recent lmoorburt ironruvementa ami additions: Practical honsekeepers are a war of the oecioea superiority wbkh brick ovens posses over all others. He hits, therefore, so constructed his ovens, that they posses all the advantages of an entirely bnck oven.

The plaa originally adopted by Wm. In his axraisxvaraents he so cos ner ta the boilers with the water back as to ensure Ihe almost degree of lately, and to guard against the dangers that might result from inattention or from carelessnes on the pan of servants ; and also to prevent the water from being drawn off from the boiler, when il is shut off by the commissioners, fnr tbe purpose of making repairs, fcc. He therefore taxrtieularlv Invite the attention of those who design to ra trod nee the Crotoa Water into tneir aonaes, la eonaeettoa with the use ol boiler, to inspect the superiority of those constructed bv hint, and the security which the method aad arrangements of his boilers unqnesnonauiy insure.

When com neti tors have not enconntersd the entenses at tending the experiments by which the sdvertiser has auc-rsseded ia effecting the superfcarity of his article, they may seek to defeat those who deserve public paosmage. The ad nrtiaer, there lore, assures the public that his facilities, by extensive arrangements aad ample means, and ail his woe being executed by skilful and experienced workmen, enable him successfully to maintain his claim to their patronage, bv lurnishing the Ranges and Boilers, of Conner or Iron, ol superior quality, and at prices equally low with any other that caa be offered.

He returns his thanks lo the pnblte tor the patronage bestowed npoa htm: For sale only by G. The subscribers would respect fully call the st ten lion of those who are about purchasing Cooking Stoves, lo this newly invented article, which they believe lo be the best at nresent in the market The oven, which is larger than that ol any other, is so constructed as that It may he entirely surrounded by neat having drafts both under and over It Tbe back Boilers which in other stoves are so remote from the fire as to be of very little service, ere also very large, and are so situated as to receive as much benefit from the fire as the front ones, la fact the entire arrangement of the stove is such, tliat Baking.

The following recommendations arc offered to substantiate the above, viz: Fraxler Agins fc l o one or uiiinrhnrd s Patent Eagle cooking Stoves, which we have hnd in eonslsnt ase ever since and consider it decidedly snperior in every respect to any other trial i nave ever seen, both a respects economy of fuel, and the facility and despatch with which it does its work. I can further state that my father-in law, Jas.

Poillin, Esq, of Slalen Island, purchased one of the same kind, except that It was Intended far wood instead of coal, which he has used for three winters 'with entire satisfaction to himself and family. New York, oiler these Stoves for sale with Ihe utmost coa fidence of their siiperioriiy over any other move for various culinary operaliona. Tbe beat concentrates under boilers alike, whether baking or not so that boiling does not interfere with baking. The Introduction of hot air Into the oven is a new princi pie, never before applied to any stove.

This arrangement is found to be the greatest Improvement ever made ; it carries off nil the fumes arising tVom the articles cooking, and prevents the stenin from condensing, snd giving litem an unpleasant favorr Tbe operation of the hot air on the meat in the oven. These sioves arc in all cases warranted lo the purchaser. If they do not give rntiro satifuclion, they can be returned.

To the Sheriff of the City and f! A Governor and Lieutenant Governor of tlibt state. A Senator for tbe First Senatorial District, to supply the vacancy whirh will acerne by the expiration of the term of service of John B. Dlh and 14th Wards of said city snd county ; and also a Representative In the said Congress for the Sixth Congressional District consisting of the 11th, 12lb. Also, Ihe following county officers, to wit: Pnistrr's Ornca, New-York, August 5th, Tbe above Is published pursuant to the notice of the Secretary of Slate and the requirements nf the Statute in such case made and provided WM.

Bound Sh 32 do 24 do A quantity of Bread do Bread Dust do ' Rice. Alt of which he offers at very low prices, aad ia lots to rait purchasers. De-signs furnished, if required. A TIP, for batming Camuheae. These LP lamp are easily irisaaaaaal.

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Tbe tuamrtssrat is aeer crastplele, and comprise sll the aaot ftashio ilr shades of color. Also, Lapse' best g reasra atoanbanuae, twin jet asw pure mars, set GRO. A aew pattern park Spittoons, just received and for sale at G Burling slip. Alsnahvrge amnitmaal of and B-4 aU wool tn pad aad shaded Shawls a! Horner, of sad far PhlUutrlphia. The captain aad crew, after remainirrg on the hull tor 24 hraxrs, at the aterev af the wisrb aad waves, ware taken of by the Lacy, aad amvea at movub mi mst. Trvbaletnema At Pemamhaco, 5th Last Elisabeth.

Tsber, N B, ar 3d. A whale shin steer I a SE. Oct 5 fa port Carollae Angasta. Cole, fm Philadelphia, ar Sept 25 ; Warsaw, tionari, im Kicnmona. Sl'd, ltiih, Jane, Suuau, Charles Ion. Bostor, Oct 25 Ar Sua, Ryder. Philadelphia; Sfith, Rea per. Corvo, Crockett; Fortune, Elliot aad Granville. Tbe following started, bat anchored in the Roads Rbt Parker.

Boston, aad eld for Albany. Story, W Coast of Africa. Mobile Postlikp Ar 25th, March. Baker, Gardner for NYork. Cld bark Condor, Gens. TaoaasTos Cld 20th, ships Leon id as. Below Manchester, Jarmaa, fm Rotterdam. Fran Annette, Ham Ortgies. NYork ; Roc sail, Evana. Oct 20 Cld Chas Carroll. Sales bo two rowed Barley at 70c; a Imd of four-rowed remains in the market at 80e: Sales of Hops at IIMallc.

Mosttc Oct 19 Cotton Stock in port unsold hales. The accounts from the Interior continue favorable. Tbe New York packeta are loading at 1 50 per bale. Exchange Quite limitcil; sight and shurt date domestic bills have race led 11 per cent; in foreign something offering at steady rates. Oct 19 A Mr bnilness doing in cotton at former prices. Little doinein Exchange, rates lendiug down ward. Cotton Snlea ef the week 14, bales; a general demand for Statin, France and Eng land; there Is but little enquiry for Ihe North; receipts naies, exports.

Tobacco Stock is now reduced; sales are limited; a good demand forall qualities; we quote lie per lb. Flour Rnmor that Ihe duties were lobe taken off in Havana has caused bold ers to advance; we quote St '20 a 4. Cora Market rather quiet; yellow ts scarce, and held at fiO a C-ic per bush; white is selling at 45 a 47c Onts Receipts light; sales at 3fj a 37c. Provisions But little enquiry. Whiskey Sales axe in small lots.

Ashes Both pots and pearls are in better demand the Utter, a sale of barrels at 25s, and small bills readily command 21s fid a 9d ; pots 24s 6d for shipping. Floor Sales at 24 a 24s 3d for fair bra: Wheat Upper I 'anada, of good quality, brings 4s lOd a 5s per 60 lbs. Not much dolag in either pork or beef.

The weather for tbe approaching crops is very favorable in this neighborhood, and we believe generally so over the Island ; at this place it rains more or less every day of late. The ceffee crop will be about an average one. Lumber and provisions are abundant ia the market particularly the former, and sell al low pri es. Coffee 7 a 7e per lb ; indigo 8 rs ; hides, ox or cow, 9c and ia active demand lor shipment to the United Stales. Business Is dull, as usual at this season of the year.

BeefllJ ; Jerked Am. Coffee scarce ; the next crop will be short HH. Furniture A new asaortmeat of choice patterns plate madder aad full chiatx. Silesias Plain black aad colored, twilled Casbaa Shal. Dimities Cambric and Furniture of excellent quality. Shirtings Premium water-twist, superfine aad New York Mills. Earlstoa Ginghams A large assortment of various erosj- ilies. Teas Of all the discriptioas La chests, half chests tad IB lb. Java aad Sumatra Coffee. Prime Nutmegs, Mac and Cloves. Cassia la marts aad eases, Dnteh Madder, Manilla Hemp.

Bordeaux Brandy J J Dnpoy's brand. Jioea, hue r-erlsry of the Asaericaa lssd Compasy, New York. Will attend ks the pore baa aad sale of Real btntepay meat of taxes, and redemption of land sold for tsie. They will also investigate titles, milks ssinnts exajnlnatios of Innde, sad report lbs pamttvs quality, characssr, aad yalna of each astrtiralar tract, and traaasact astsisaaaa mt srery srrlptirsi raaa-atal with the sasnagatnsrat efssal estate la the ansta wsaueaa aaaAes aad miiaiadss Lsarle Boiler.

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