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A Guidebook to the Summa. Thanks greatly to the verve and the vision of the late Father Walter Farrell, the movement usually called " theology for laymen " has lit up a new fire in American Catholic life. In the wide background from business men to lay professors, from doctors and lawyers to college freshmen, there now glows a whole spectrum of interest in St. Thomas Aquinas not merely as a required seminary subject but as a living theologian with an assuring message for our times. In the foreword to the first volume that appeared in his Companion to the Summa-it stands as Volume II in the completed set-Father Farrell proposed his four works as " guidebooks," related to the Summa as a map to a city and designed to inspire a reading and study of the original.

Yet by the gifts of his genius, Father Farrell managed to draw much more than a map and write much more than a guidebook.

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He wrote a layman's edition of the Summa. He wrote for the beginners of our day in the spirit in which St.

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Thomas wrote for the beginners of a thirteenth-century study of theology. Father Farrell left us a work that can be read and understood without consulting St. Unlike a guidebook or a map, the Companion is a city in itself, modelled with twentieth-century words and images upon the great thirteenth-century capital which was the originaL One of the important extrinsic effects of the Companion was and is to arouse interest in the Summa, and it is to enlarge and orient this interest that confreres of St. Preface to Happiness, Volume II of the whole series but the first to appear in print, is a welcome addition to the instruments for bringing St.

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Thomas to the laity. The present volume fully qualifies as a guidebook, a map, a direction-finder. The authors are tooling their series to capture the interest which Father Farrell aroused and to focus it boldly on the pages of St. Unlike the Companion, the Guidebook can hardly be understood without the control of constant references to St. Thomas, and in this respect, the Guidebook is a mediator between the Companion and the Summa itself. Apart from Father Farrell's Companion, Preface to Happine88 has intrinsic merits that make it a genuine contribution to Catholic learning and Christian culture.

You get those little bubbly feelings in your stomach, your eyes light up, and you yearn for more of that wonderful feeling.

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Colleens goes on to explain the three parts of the brain as they relate to one another. The Master Brain controls your path to happiness, whereas the Reptile Brain controls hormones and the Dog Brain controls emotions.

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With the delightful cartoon drawings in the book, it becomes easy to understand how each brain works. My favorite part of the book, of course, is the hands-on, how-do-I-do-it-myself part of the book. The Instruction Guide gives step-by-step instructions on how to analyze your current situation and take control of your brain. The best part is, anyone can do this. It just takes a little bit of practice and trial-and-error.

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I especially loved the suggestion of wandering. Walk down the street of your neighborhood or in another city or, even better, in another country.

Put down your technology and just observe and wander. Wandering is physical, emotional, and mental, so it really gets that Master Brain working!

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This book gives tips on how to get excited and earn affection to create the ultimate happiness bubble! Chris Hayden been working at City Book Review since , so that makes him the keeper of knowledge. He manages the office and book reviewers all of them!