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He and Breeze try to help Elend secretly take over Urteau, where Spook has developed strange abilities, and started a new revolution. TenSoon is imprisoned and sentenced to death by the kandra elders, while still trying to convince them that the kandra prophecies of the world ending are now happening, and that they must work together with the humans to save the world. Vin and Elend try to conquer the city of Fadrex City and discover more about how their world works. They discover patterns in the numbers of people dying after being exposed to the mists, as well as secrets regarding the koloss, the kandra, and the Inquisitors, but fearing that Ruin will discover their plans, are unable to discuss their plans with each other.

As the days grow hotter and the mists stronger, Vin and Elend encounter more and more dangers. Yomen, the King of Fadrex City, captures Vin. Elend, left without any choice, takes another koloss army under his control, but the last remnants of Preservation appear to him, warning him to not attack the city, using mime.

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On the verge of the attack, Vin escapes, as Ruin reveals his ultimate control over the koloss. They attack Elend and Yomen's human armies, but before he can destroy them, Vin leads Ruin away to Luthadel. There, Marsh and the final Inquisitors battle Vin, and on the verge of her death, she ascends to become Preservation, trapped with Ruin to watch the world.

The kandra finally accept their doom, and Sazed finds his faith in the Hero of the Ages. Elend leads the last of humanity to the Kandra homeland, the Pits of Hathsin, where Ruin's body is stored. Ruin has been fooling them into leading him to his body, which turns out to be the atium stash, hidden in the Kandra homeland all along. Surrounded, and outnumbered, Elend, having worked this out, and Preservation's plan to give him an army of Atium Mistings by using the mists to snap them, prepares to fight. He leads a desperate battle against the koloss, in vain.

Marsh appears again, and is directly controlled by Ruin, his powers immense. Elend faces him nonetheless, and Vin aids him, giving him unlimited metals and another power to match Marsh, all that she can break through Ruin's control to pass on. Elend battles Marsh in a fierce duel, ending when he realizes he can't win, and burns atium with duralumin, dealing Marsh a blow which strikes a spike in his back but does not dislodge it.

But to succeed on their quest, they must overcome their differences, and hope that the secrets they hide from one another and the world are never brought to light. Because if this royal family breaks, it could destroy the kingdom. Hardcover , pages. Blood and Gold 1. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Daughters of the Storm , please sign up. When will this be available in the UK? Kim Wilkins No current plans but watch this space. Cristina update to this: Looks like Del Rey is pubbing it in March !

See all 5 questions about Daughters of the Storm…. Lists with This Book. I received this book for free from my publisher. I read it as an Advance Reading Copy. I don't think this affects my feelings about the book, but I like to be transparent. As always, I try to make my reviews spoiler free. This is the first of a trilogy. It has a very satisfying wrap up, but some readers will want more immediately.

I think it stood very well alone. Strong female characters with 'agency'. I really don't like using that word that way! But it has become the nomenclature. This book has five really diverse female characters, the 'daughters' mentioned in the title. They each have and wield their own kind of power, sometimes without realizing how much power they truly possess. Some have some wisdom; others are ruled by lust and impulsiveness. None of them are endearing, cozy characters.

They have varying degrees of fondness and loyalty to their father, the king. When he falls into a coma, some suspect evil magic. Each reacts in a unique way, influenced by rivalry and loyalty to their sisters. In many ways, this is a book about how these women wield power, from physical violence to subtle undercurrent to treachery. These are not Disney princesses. Mar 05, Carrie rated it really liked it Shelves: The story does have a bit of a historical feel to it too taking place in a time where one traveled but horse and kings ruled the lands. The story is of course told from multiple points of view with so many characters being involved.

Wanting to save their father the adventure begins to find a way. Now of course as I said I was bit surprised to actually find this one being more adult than I was expecting. To me the book seemed a bit like a historical read with bits of magic added in to bring a fantasy element to it but also a bit of a drama read with some of the situations with relationships going on within.

I found myself for the most part enjoying the book and where the story headed but I will admit there were times I thought perhaps it was a bit much with so many characters headed in different directions. Some of the things going on with different characters would stand out more than others making it drag a bit waiting to get back to the parts that I found more interesting. I received an advance copy from the publisher via NetGalley. For more reviews please visit https: I am not a huge fantasy reader. I don't have anything against it, I just prefer other genres. But the description sounded good and I figured why not!?!

Five very different sisters Bluebell, Ash, Rose, Willow, Ivy set off on a journey to save their father who just so happens to be King of Thyrsland. He is very ill, in a coma-like state on the brink of death. It is determined that he is elf-shot. Someone has poisoned him and he 3. Someone has poisoned him and he needs magic to cure him. Bluebell is leading the journey to find the cure for their father.

Her sisters are not as "excited" as she is to go on this journey but they all agree to go along. The five sisters are attempting to reach their aunt who is a practitioner of undermagic. They believe she is the one who can heal their father. Finding the cure for their father is not their only issue, they also have a step-brother, Wylm, who wants the throne. But is he the only threat to the kingdom? She is a warrior who will one day inherit the throne. She is pretty kick ass but often acts without thinking Ash - the mythical one. She has a gift for magic. She has visions and has even seen her own "becoming".

But is her gift really a gift or is it is curse? Rose - married to a King of a neighboring kingdom but in love with another man who has fathered her young daughter. Willow - who is very devoted to her religion. She views her sister as being heathens.

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There are various POV sections throughout this book as each sister has a part to tell in this book. Through their individual POV parts we learn their thoughts, motivations, secrets and fears. Thankfully, each sister had her own distinct personality that helped the POV parts from being confusing. There are some twists and turns, some treachery, secrets, and secret agendas. As I stated there were some slow parts and I think the book would be better with a little more editing. Some may be turned off by the constant swearing. The characters are flawed.

Good people do bad things and bad people do good things in this book. This is more of a fun read than an earth shattering one. I think this is a good book for that plane ride, day at the beach or hanging out inside on a snowy day.

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You wont walk away feeling as if you read great literature, but it is a good entertaining read. Don't we all deserve a book like that once in awhile? This is the first book in a trilogy. Thank you to Random House Publishing - Ballantine and NetGalley for providing me a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. See more of my reviews at www.

Mar 03, Dianne rated it liked it Shelves: The king is on the brink of death and his five daughters are on a mission to save him by finding a mysterious and powerful witch, the only person who can reverse the magic that is stealing his life. They must first learn to trust in one another, forget old rivalries and embrace the magic that is family.

Only then will they be ready to find the witch and understand that familial discord and history has been repeating itself. They share the same blood, but they are as different as five strangers ca The king is on the brink of death and his five daughters are on a mission to save him by finding a mysterious and powerful witch, the only person who can reverse the magic that is stealing his life. They share the same blood, but they are as different as five strangers can be, can the warrior, the queen who risks all for forbidden love, the vain princess, the religious zealot or the budding magic user save their kingdom and the crown?

Treachery abounds as their stepbrother eyes the precious crown he does not deserve. Five powerful women, each with their own secrets, weaknesses and insecurities will be exposed at their best and their worst. How will they deal with each other? Will they learn to respect each other in spite of their flaws?

Epic fantasies are meant to journeys of discovery and this one is no exception. Told through different POVs we witness the turmoil beneath the surface of the tenuous relationships between these sisters who must learn to stand together against both the known and unknown evil that threatens them.

Filled with detail, this is definitely not a quick read as the threads entangle us into the unfolding drama. I am an epic fantasy fan, I enjoy all of the threads that entwine each layer, but there were times I felt bogged down, but as the first book of a trilogy, the stage has been set, the characters and their dynamic relationships revealed and their journey has truly just begun. I'm thinking the action is yet to come!

I received a complimentary copy from Del Rey! Blood and Gold - Book 1 Publisher: Del Rey March 6, Publication Date: March 6, Genre: Epic Fantasy Print Length: This is an extraordinary novel that once I started reading it, found it hard to tear myself away from.

In Daughters of the Storm, Kim Wilkins, a masterful storyteller, presents us with a rich and detailed historical fantasy featuring a poisoned king, his five very different daughters, and a land in existential and leadership crisis. Drawing on her vast knowledge and love of Anglo-Saxon England, Wilkins gives us a vivid and diverse world where fa This is an extraordinary novel that once I started reading it, found it hard to tear myself away from.

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Drawing on her vast knowledge and love of Anglo-Saxon England, Wilkins gives us a vivid and diverse world where faith, magic and individuals collide and geographical borders are only as strong as the leader enforcing them. When the King of Thyrsland lapses into a magic-induced sleep, suspicion turns not so much outwards as one would expect, but inwards towards his family.

His eldest daughter, the formidable warrior, the wonderfully named Bluebell, determines to rescue her father from this grave enchantment — not only because she loves him dearly and blindly, but also for the sake of the kingdom she will one day inherit. Along with her mostly unwilling siblings, she embarks on a journey to find a cure and in doing so bring the kingdom back from the brink of war. While this is at one level a quest novel, the journey the main characters undertake is not simply physical, but psychological and emotional.

So it is with Bluebell and her sisters who are also forced to examine the past and their own choices, in relation to the present and, indeed, the future. They are not always likeable either, and I love that Wilkins has taken such a risk as making her major characters unattractive at times — just like real life. This is also where Wilkins excels as a novelist, in her ability to present readers not only with a terrific tale, but with complex, fascinating characters with their own rationale for action, gently exposing the deep motivations that drive them, even if they take a little while to be revealed.

Daughters of the Storm also has some wonderful and imperfect male characters as well — from the slumbering king, to the bitter Wylm, the brutish Raven King, Hakon, the lonely undermagician, and the love-lorn Heath. With a kicker-twist at the end, this is a marvellous book and my only disappointment is that I have to wait for part two of what is a simply brilliant addition to one of my favourite genres and from one of my favourite writers. Well, I really liked the betrayal in this. The warrior, the romantic, the seer, the flirt, and the crazy. I felt so bad for little Eni! But I am still anxious to see where the next book is going to go.

Bluebell definitely gave me Xena vibes! Feb 10, Lisa rated it really liked it Shelves: Review from Tenacious Reader: Daughters of the Storm just grabbed me from the very beginning. I found the story to be fun and well paced, and the range of characters kept it interesting. There are five sisters, all daughters of the King, who is declining in health. Each of these women are incredibly different and each interesting in their own way. The oldest sister, Bluebell, is a fighter that has pretty much shunned any marital or remotely feminine expecta Review from Tenacious Reader: The oldest sister, Bluebell, is a fighter that has pretty much shunned any marital or remotely feminine expectations of her.

She is an amazing and well known warrior that has a very strong personality. I have to admit, I enjoyed her fierceness quite a bit.

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Rose is a sister that has been married off to help secure peace with a neighboring kingdom. She is a Queen, but she wants something different for her life. She feels trapped and would obviously prefer to flee if given the choice. Ash is interesting as she is quite powerful with magical abilities. She is way more powerful than anyone says she can be, so she keeps some of it to herself. And then there are twins, Ivy who kind of reminded me a bit of Sansa in the early Game of Thrones books a bit eager for attention from boys that catch her eye and, well, maybe a bit vapid , and Willow who is obsessed with a forbidden religion.

One thing I enjoyed, and that found took me by surprise a bit, was how getting the perspective from one sister altered my opinion of another after getting their opinions and experiences with the character. It was different, and really helped to second guess the reliability of the narrators, not that they are being intentionally deceitful, but they are unreliable because of how they percieve themselves and the situations they find themselves in is a different experience from how another character will perceive them.

This can be true of any narrator, but getting the viewpoints of different characters really helped. Each of these women is driven, though each is driven in a completely different way from the others. Yes, there are a couple that I think might drive me a bit batty if they had a book dedicated to them and their views, but I felt like it balanced well overall. An important thing to note about this book is much of the conflict is all drama with the sisters. I am not saying that as a bad thing, but I do know some readers prefer stories that focus more on conflicts with the grander scheme of the world, and less on interpersonal relationships.

For me the relationships and personalities of the sisters was actually a bit addictive, wanting to know what would happen next. To be honest, there were a couple of times that made me a bit thankful I have no sisters. I think an important lesson in this family is to trust no one. I loved the pace of the story and the personalities of the sisters. I am really looking forward to the next in the series. Mar 06, The Captain rated it it was ok Shelves: Ahoy there me mateys!

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So here be me honest musings. I wanted to love this book, I really did. The publisher offered me an e-arc of this book because I adored the bear and the nightingale. And honestly it should have been an awesome read. The story involves five daughters of a king. A king who happens to have fallen into a deep coma-like slumber. But what if it is not illness but a magical spell that holds the king in slumber? I did enjoy the sisters for the most part.

They are all named after plants — - Bluebell — a warrior who is set to be the next king - Rose — a mother whose unhappy marriage was the price for peace - Ash — a student of magic who may possess magic she never asked for - Ivy — a young girl who just wants admiration from everyone - Willow — a zealot of a new religion who wants the world to convert So I had two problems with this book.

The first is that the plot was just plodding at parts. It could have been trimmed. There was too much time where nothing interesting happened and the characters were waiting around. Which leads to the second problem.

Sword In The Storm by David Gemmell

While the characters were waiting around, all of them were confused, upset, and could be annoying. The sisters seemed to never use their intelligence and instead made extremely rash choices that were a stupid, b completely emotionally based, and c the worst possible choice. I could sort-of accept it for Willow due to her particular set of problems but not for the others. The one really fun note for me was the bad guy, Wylm.

He is a step-brother by marriage. While his bad-guy motivation was rather lame having the throne for the sake of being important I did like that the author had him make some choices that took me completely by surprise. While most of his actions are caused by his cowardice and need to stay alive, he did have others that led to excellent plot lines and he actually used his brain.

He could be crafty even if his underlying reasons were illogical. I also enjoyed how his portion of the story resolved in the first book. Ultimately I would consider this an okay read. I did enjoy the magical system and would like to see that explored further. I am not adverse to reading the next book but I think I would wait for reviews from me crew before making the choice to continue the series. Thank you Random House! Check out me other reviews at https: View all 4 comments. Five daughters, compelled by fate, duty, and familial bonds, must journey to find a cure for the illness that consumes their father.

The warrior King of Thyrsland — the Storm Bearer — is deathly ill and smothered by wild fits of madness. Bluebell, the oldest of the sisters and next in line for the throne, is determined to find the undermagician in their bloodline — the one who possesses the power to cure her father.

As the five sisters — Bluebell, Ash, Rose, Willow and Ivy —journey to find their p Five daughters, compelled by fate, duty, and familial bonds, must journey to find a cure for the illness that consumes their father. As the five sisters — Bluebell, Ash, Rose, Willow and Ivy —journey to find their powerful relative, their battles are not limited to violent raiders or dark magic on the road. Secrets, lies, and emerging rivalries threaten their relationships, safety, and the stability of their kingdom. Legends of ancient battles, dragons, and giants stain the memory of its inhabitants, as old ways clash with new religion, magic coats the vivid landscapes, and new conflicts emerge.

It is not war that leads to murderous excesses, but hate. Whole villages, cities, peoples wiped out. Hatred is like a plague. It is all-consuming, and it springs from man to man. Our enemies become demons, their wives the mothers of demons, their children infant demons. We tell stories of our enemies eating babes […]. Our hearts turn dark and, in turn, we visit a terrible retribution upon those we now hate.

But hatred never dies, Conn. We plant the seeds of it in every action inspired by it. Kill a man, and his son will grow to hate you and seek revenge. When he obtains that revenge your son will learn to hate him. The only thing about this series that bothered me at first is that several major events are skipped entirely. Sword in the Storm is a book about honor, a book about misunderstanding and retribution.

But most of all, Sword in the Storm is a book about consequences. Well, you might, but not as a main character People, after all, are not perfect. Gemmells characters are always struggling with their inner demons. Past mistakes, hubris, greed, you name it. Or just because they like fighting…. The worlds Gemmell creates are dark, cruel and full of danger. Mainly because of the human inhabitants, since there is no creature that can match the cruelty of humanity.

The civilizations brought to life by Gemmell are often similar to known empires, tribes, etc in a lot of ways.

Books by David Gemmell

Gemmell is obviously an expert on anything medieval, from obvious things like sieges and vassals, to impressive details like the discovery of the leather strap…. In short, a book by David Gemmell is about morally grey heroes, who fight for what they believe in, and regularly get kicked in the nuts by fate. A Tavern brawler who selflessly stands up when faced with injustice. A Drunkard that, without a moment of hesitation, sacrifices his life in favor of an innocent family. A Burly woodcutter that travels to all corners of the world to rescue his captured crush.

A pacifistic priest forced to slay numerous enemies. These tales tell of honor and glory, duty and loyalty, courage and resolve, all coated in a wonderful blend of action, black humor and suspense.