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DVDBeaver, removed dead link. The Scorpion's Shadow" documentary in Italian, with optional English subtitles - 30 min Theatrical trailer Poster and still gallery Booklet, with biographies. Audio commentary with screenwriter Ernesto Gastaldi, moderated by Federico Caddeo in Italian with optional French subtitles. Italian Dolby Digital 2. Special thanks to Rewind user djvaso for providing these specifications. R2 Germany - Best Entertainment. The image is slightly window-boxed and seems to be also vertically squeezed.

Two versions of the cover are available. R2 Germany - filmArt Giallo Edition Interview with director Sergio Martino Italian Dolby Digital 1. Press the right arrow key on the "Image gallery" option, the vertical black strip on the left will be red, and press "OK" for a comparison between 16mm R2 Italy - Alan Young Pictures.

R2 France- Neo Publishing - No cuts For anyone concerned about such revelations, skipping down to the technical portions of the review is encouraged. Two of the biggest surprises of my tenure at Blu-ray. It was an instructive moment, both in terms of my frightneningly increasing age, but also in terms of me figuring out the arguably completely obvious fact that there was a whole new generation of film fans coming up "through the ranks" so to speak who were just experiencing some of the greatest classic films of all time for their first time.

Those who have also not yet experienced Alfred Hitchcock's immortal masterpiece may not understand one of the central homages Sergio Martino's giallo The Case of the Scorpion's Tail pays to it, but with another mention of that warning posted above, let's just say that it's best not to get too attached to what might seem like the focal character in the film, a la Janet Leigh in Psycho. If Marion Crane, Leigh's character in Psycho , appeared to be a normal, everyday secretary, at least for a few minutes, it's apparent almost immediately that Lisa Baumer Ida Galli, billed as Evelyn Stewart , the gorgeous woman who is seemingly a focal character in the film, is at the very least an unfaithful wife, but as the story continues, it's at least hinted that she may have had something to do with an apparently random plane crash that takes the life of her husband.

What initially seems to be a plot focusing on insurance fraud soon becomes a bonafide murder mystery when Lisa herself is viciously attacked and the settlement she received from her husband's policy goes missing. It's interesting to compare the first half hour or so of both Psycho and The Case of the Scorpion's Tail to see how artfully each film misdirects the audience, giving them a number of supposed "important" plot points which in fact turn out to not just be red herrings but in a way kind of irrelevant to what the bulk of the film ends up being about.

La coda dello scorpione 1971 (Anita Strindberg George Hilton) Thriller Mistero italiano

The opening half hour of The Case of the Scorpion's Tail documents Lisa's affair and the mysterious death of her husband, as well as the windfall of a million dollar insurance payment. But there are a whole host of people following Lisa, including what appears to be a drug addled former boyfriend who is intent on blackmailing her even if the grounds for such blackmail are a little on the iffy side , and another private eye who is part of an investigation launched by the insurance company again, kind of iffy, considering the fact that the husband died in a plane crash.

One of the investigators though apparently not the same one seen in some of the opening "spying eye" vignettes is Peter Lynch George Hilton , who begins poking into a story that seemingly has a whole host of likely suspects. Lisa has to deal not just with her drug addicted former boyfriend, but, as it turns out, her husband's mistress Lara Janine Reynaud , and indication at least that Lisa was not the only spouse given toward dalliances. Without getting into too much detail, suffice it to say that the body count begins accruing, and Lynch himself becomes a suspect when Inspector Stavros Luigi Pistilli gets involved.

The film has a number of really well done attack scenes, some rather graphically showing bodies being mutilated by a knife, but the underlying mystery is really what propels the film, and in terms of resolutions, this one has some interesting twists, even if the hurried "Moishe the Explainer" bits toward the end have a couple of glaring lapses in logic.

There are a number of interesting referents beyond Hitchcock running through various elements of this film.

The Case of the Scorpion's Tail Blu-ray

As noted below, director Sergio Martino kind of surprisingly cites Z as a source of inspiration, and there's another late sixties film with a memorable theme that may come to mind when music fans listen to this film's score Bruno Nicolai, namely Franco Zeffirelli's version of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet , which featured a memorable and bit hit score by Nino Rota, one whose theme is at least hinted at in Nicolai's music a lot of the score actually reminded me of Paul Mauriat's work from this very same era. Also, a photo holds at least part of the key to the puzzle, and there are a couple of sequences here that are at least somewhat reminiscent of some plot elements in Antonioni's Blow- Up , including in fact the need to enlarge a photograph to see an important clue.

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Later, Spanish models of IBM electric typewriters also included the type in its repertoire. Other than that, the use of the peseta symbol standalone is extremely rare, in the version 1. The peseta was equal to 4. The political turbulence of the twentieth century caused the monetary union to break up. The bigger silver coin 1 Real came out , the latter two currency units were used until the Peseta came in Giallo — Giallo is a 20th-century Italian thriller or horror genre of literature and film. It usually has elements and is often combined with slasher, crime fiction or, less frequently.

In Italy, the term denotes thrillers, typically of the fiction, mystery. In English-speaking countries, the term refers to a particular style of Italian-produced murder mystery film which often includes elements of horror fiction. The genre developed in the mid-to-late s, peaked in popularity during the s and it has been considered to be a predecessor to, and significant influence on, the later American slasher film genre.

The word giallo is Italian for yellow, the term was derived from a series of cheap paperback mystery novels, popular in post-fascist Italy, which were published with yellow covers. The term giallo derives from a series of pulp novels entitled Il Giallo Mondadori, published by Mondadori from The series consisted almost exclusively of Italian translations of novels by British.

These included Agatha Christie, Ellery Queen, Edgar Wallace, Ed McBain, Rex Stout, published as cheap paperbacks, the success of the giallo novels soon began attracting the attention of other publishing houses. They published their own versions and mimicked the yellow covers, the popularity of these series eventually established the word giallo as a synonym for a mystery novel.

In colloquial and media usage, it applied to a mysterious or unsolved affair. For Italian audiences, giallo has come to refer to any kind of thriller-horror, thus, American, British or other thriller-horrors such as Psycho, Vertigo or Peeping Tom are considered gialli. English-speaking audiences have used the term to specifically to the type of Italian-produced thrillers known to Italian audiences as thrilling allitaliana or spaghetti thrillers.

The Case of the Scorpion's Tale Blu-ray - Anita Strindberg

The film subgenre began as literal adaptations of these mystery novels, directors soon began taking advantage of modern cinematic techniques, to create a unique genre which veered into horror and psychological thrillers. Many of the characteristics of these films were incorporated into the later American slasher genre. Critics disagree on characterization of a giallo film. These distinct thematic and stylistic tropes constitute a definition of the genre which is broadly consistent.

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Directors and stars often moved between both genres and some films could be considered under either banner, such as Massimo Dallamanos film La polizia chiede aiuto, most critics agree that the giallo represents a distinct category with unique features. Island of the Fishmen — Island of the Fishmen is a Italian adventure action horror film directed by Sergio Martino.